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Learning the foundations of Modern Horsemanship includes the basics of groundwork and how those techniques translate to under-saddle work, a brief introduction to the importance of cross-training, and the sports psychology that connects modern-day equestrians to their equine athletic partners.

Our clinics and workshops teach a unique, multifaceted communication method that can profoundly change many aspects of your life and relationships, not just your time with horses. Through natural horsemanship techniques, you will learn new ways of communication and relations while exploring the importance of creating an aligned, intentional, open and clear energy within. The result is a connection between the horse and human that is an expansive, fully present state of exploration.

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Observe how horses and humans can connect to create extraordinary experiences. We invite you to learn how horses communicate and appreciate their willingness to try nearly anything when they are given the opportunity to succeed through a trust-based relationship.

Clinics focus on the foundational 5 crucial skills of Modern Horsemanship. They are not designed to teach you how to ride but rather how to use these crucial skills to bond with your horse and create a better partnership so that you can continue growing through an enhanced level of trust.

We offer clinics at your ranch or on-site at your location. We customise clinic itineraries to your group level and experience. From small groups for connection and team building to larger group formations for a broader clinic focus, we have been a leader in equine experiences for over a decade.



Intensive workshop weekends are the perfect setting for embracing the healing, honest, judgment-free feedback that horses offer. They sense your energy and see you for who you are, not who you pretend to be. We offer customized workshops for women, veterans, and athletes.

Workshops can be customized to your preferred discipline and may include techniques such as meditation, Crystalline Consciousness Technique, bioenergetics, and empowerment.   

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Horses Healing Hearts

November 12, 2022
Weston Valley Ranch, Sedalia, CO

This horsemanship clinic is designed for veterans of the United States military to encourage awareness of equine assisted therapeutic healing. Service men and women selflessly serve to protect the freedom of this country and sometimes that sacrifice takes a toll.

Working around and with horses is a practical coping skill that has been proven to prevent suicide, hospitalizations, and other life hardships. Horses are known to meet people where they are regardless of previous experiences, sexual orientation, mental health, physical abilities, and future goals.

Participants will have the opportunity to touch and brush the horses, learning basic safety skills to start the day. They will feel the energy exchange immediately and quickly understand the fundamental communication link between horse and human. The clinic will progress to working with horses in the round pen on the ground and then on their backs as participant confidence allows.

We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.

Horse Discipline Training - Modern Horsemanship

Modern Horsemanship Clinic Options and Agendas

We can customize our clinics to meet the needs and goals of the group.

Basic Horsemanship Clinic

Starting from the ground up and setting a solid foundation when working with 1,200 pound flight animals is essential. Peter Drucker said “the most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” In an environment of peaceful tranquility, still your mind and body in the presence of these majestic creatures. Listen to the sounds and the energies around you, staying aware of what comes to mind, what you feel in your soul.

Learn how to use body language and verbal cues to speak to the horse while reading their responses in return. Understanding the energy exchange between horse and human is a skill that you will learn both on the ground and under saddle. This 1-day clinic will set you up for continued success and enjoyment in the world of horses, whether you ride daily or once every few years.

Equestrian Fitness Clinic

Equestrians are athletes. Just as we expect our horses to stay fit and healthy for their jobs, we must also stay fit and healthy. How do we do that when we spend all our free time at the barn? Learn how to intentionally make a plan to feed ourselves with nutrients that support athletic endeavors. Workout with fellow riders and set goals that match both your personal and riding intentions. 

This is not a riding clinic and is designed for riders in any discipline, regardless of experience level. You will participate in multiple high-intensity workouts with strategic self-care breaks for active recovery and engaging workshops to formulate an on-going plan to maximize your personal health.

Jumping Clinic

Intended for riders who have already started working over fences, this jumping clinic is a start to finish overview of how the Modern Horsemanship crucial skills can improve a horse and rider’s performance together. This is a 2-day clinic with up to 12 riders. Day 1 starts with essential groundwork to ensure the lines of communication are open. After lunch, there will be a gymnastics exercise that focuses on the rider’s technique. Day 2 starts with a flatwork session engaging the minds of both horse and rider. The conclusion of the clinic is a course height at approximately where the rider has been showing. The cumulative effect of the intentional communication and patient understanding in each session will become apparent with the successes observed in the final courses.

Clinic Activities may include: