Round Pens: Variable Walls

If you travel the country looking at different round pen styles, you will see every option possible. Some have 4’ walls, some have 8’ walls. Some walls are made out of stacked tires or sheets of rubber while others are simply metal or wooden rails. Some walls look like they will collapse if a butterfly lands on it. Others look like they could withstand a military attack. At our primary facility, we have 2 round pens – a 60′ indoor pen and a 70′ outdoor round pen. We have both paneled fencing and wooden rails, all about 5′ tall. The pens are both large but have their pros and cons.The plus side of having split rails, or at least climbable walls, is that you have an easier escape route if needed. Round pens are like every other training tool in that they are highly beneficial when correctly utilized. How do you use your round pen?