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Our entire philosophy is based around the fact that when horses and humans connect,
extraordinary experiences occur.

The Modern Horsemanship online horse training program spans 10 levels of horsemanship competencies broken into 3 simple chapters: Foundations, Growth, and Acumen. Each topic and lesson has a mix of video and written information that is accessible wherever you have web access. Instructors Cynda and Lauren both bring decades of experience working around these magnificent creatures in a wide variety of disciplines and are excited to share their knowledge. 

Modern Horsemanship is a consistent message for all disciplines, all breeds of horses, and every experience level. The three digestible chapters were developed to guide students through their first few months of the horse world, teaching general knowledge and skills, before opening the door to all the possibilities! The core content is supplemented with regularly-updated bonus videos as well as unlimited access to the platform through the duration of your subscription.




Learn all the elements of horsemanship with our online video series. From fundamental horse psychology, basic safety, and general horse knowledge to maximize the connection and performance of your equine partner. Learn and develop the ability to accurately read new horses, assess their needs, and create training plans. Users are exposed to multiple disciplines and breeds, staying grounded in the consistent underlying Modern Horsemanship methods. Our online learning platform is for all levels of riders and is being used around the globe both as a primary learning method and also to supplement lessons and clinics.


Our program is divided into three digestable chapters, plus receive regularly-updated bonus content!



Modern Horsemanship starts at the beginning, creating a solid foundation for what’s to come. The five crucial skills of Modern Horsemanship are explained in detail within the foundations course. Fundamental horse psychology, basic safety, and general horse knowledge are explored in this course.



Utilize the foundational five crucial skills to maximize the connection and performance of your equine partner. This level of certification allows you to specialize in the discipline of your choosing, showing you how to connect modern horsemanship with the sports psychology of the equestrian athlete to maximize competitive performance. Without a strong foundation and connection, the partnership’s performance will never reach their fullest potential.



Acumen is defined as the ability to understand and reason. Through the added skills of creativity and leadership, you will find the incredible and unparalleled experience of total trust, respect, and connection. Develop the ability to accurately read new horses, create a reasonable training plan, and efficiently share successful experiences with others.



F-1: Students demonstrate basic safety skills about being around horses, catching a horse, leading a horse, tying a horse using a safe quick release knot, and proper grooming technique without assistance. Learn the basic care of a horse, basic equine anatomy, how to check equine vital signs, and the necessity of everyday routine when caring for a horse.

F-2: Learn how to correctly tack a horse in both English and Western gear and the basic components of both sets of tack using correct terminology. Become familiar with the 2 basic types of bits (snaffle vs leverage/curb bit). Challenge yourself by completely and correctly assembling an English bridle.

F-3: Foundation students learn how to safely control their horse on the ground in a round pen and under saddle at a walk, trot, and canter. This level is the beginning of communicating with intention and has a primary focus on groundwork. As students progress to riding their horse, they should use light contact and allow their mounts to move forward rhythmically.

F-4: Riders should be able to demonstrate how to confidently control their horse at a walk, trot, and canter with a secure and balanced position. This level can be completed in English or Western tack. At this point, participants should be able to safely load and unload their horse into a trailer.

Riders who successfully complete a training level dressage test and can demonstrate all foundation skills will receive an engraved silver key with their certificate.

Basic Safety Skills Horse Training - Modern Horsemanship


G-1: Students at the G-1 level will learn the basic veterinary care of a horse including a head to toe physical inspection, basic wound care, and correct standing wraps. Under saddle, riders will learn about controlled extension and collection at all gates.

G-2: The foundational groundwork that was learned previously will be enhanced as students engage in liberty work. Students will learn how to use body language and vocal cues to ask the horse to walk, trot, canter, change of direction, halt, and joining up. Discipline specific work begins in this level. English riders will practice dressage and start over fences. Western riders will practice slow but correct spins, stops, and lateral exercises. Challenge yourself to learn the basics of equine nutrition including an evaluation of your primary horse’s current diet.

G-3: Start evaluating unfamiliar horses from the ground up while assessing its needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Try something new and remember that riding is fun.

G-4: Cross-training and versatility are vitally important to building a well-rounded horse. Learn a wide variety of skills and practice other disciplines to keep your rides interesting. Riders in this level should be looking for ways to finesse their skills.

Students who wish to graduate from G-4 should be prepared to complete a test in their chosen discipline. If riding English, candidates should be prepared to jump a course of 8-10 jumps at 2’6” and/or a level two dressage test. If riding Western, candidates should be prepared to complete a Western pleasure pattern and/or a versatility ranch horse demonstration. All riders should be prepared to complete a simple trail course with natural obstacles including water, bridge, gate, a turn on the forehand, a turn on the hind quarters, and raised poles at a trot. G-4 Graduates will receive an engraved gold key with their certificate.

Basic Veterinary Horse Care - Modern Horsemanship


A-1: Students who reach the acumen levels are clearly dedicated to horsemanship. They will learn appropriate conditioning techniques for their primary mount including multi-disciplinary cross-training. Horsemanship expands to include proper herd management, routine veterinary care, farrier care, nutrition, and exercise plans.

A-2: Riders are encouraged to compete in their chosen discipline including full care and management of the their horse. The Modern Horsemanship program is technically complete after this level but horsemanship is a lifelong learning process. There is additional bonus content being added regularly.

A-2 Graduates will receive an engraved sapphire key with their certificate.

Horse Conditioning Techniques - Modern Horsemanship