Round Pens: Putting your best foot forward

Footing is a fundamental key to success in working with horses. As an industry, we spend an incredible amount of time studying the composition of arena footing and practicing a meticulous maintenance schedule of watering, dragging, releveling, and dust control. Why wouldn’t we do the same for our round pen? I like to have similar […]

Round Pens: Does size really matter?

Welcome back! In our first post about round pens, we talked about the pros and cons. Today I want to talk about size.    There are so many potential sizes for your round pen and the answer to how big it should be depends on the primary intended purpose. I like my round pens to […]

Round Pens: Everyone has one…but why?

What’s the point of a round pen?  Should we use it or not? What are some key features of this particular space?    In the next few posts, we’ll go through these questions and more. The round pen is one of our favorite training tools for every level of horse! Round pens are a valuable […]

Being Alpha

HORSES WERE CREATED TO BE WILD! Imagine a herd running across the plains of unsettled territories of North America. That herd has a stallion or two and all the mares he could ever want but there has to be a hierarchy within the group and despite common misconception, the stallion is not the boss. Each […]