Extraordinary Experiences Occur

Modern Horsemanship is a multifaceted program that teaches humans to connect with horses in a way that is holistic, healing, and honoring of the past, present, and future. Horses are mirrors to our innermost beings.

 Through the interactions we seek out, the connections we make, transformation and extraordinary experiences occur. The beginnings of the program came from a trail ride where business partners Cynda Brock and Lauren Filter were discussing not only the importance of well rounded horses who were prepared for anything, but also the powerful sport horses who challenged them on a daily basis to be introspective as well as open to the possibilities of growth and elevation in all areas of their lives, fostering a peaceful strength that can positively overflow into the world.

With a combined 60+ years of experience, Cynda and Lauren developed an online training series that teaches the foundations to be successful in the world of horses. That expanded into discipline-specific exercises and embracing the leadership necessary to fully connect with horses on a deeper level. Both trainers were inspired by the connection with horses and organized a series of clinics, workshops, and retreats to enable participants the ability to experience the way horses meet people where they are, reflecting what is hidden even from themselves.

The Modern Horsemanship program is designed to give participants as much as they are ready for in that moment. 



Online training videos are available wherever you have internet access – study at home or take them with you to the barn. They are designed to teach learners the foundations of horsemanship from the very beginning through discipline-specific training and techniques. The three Modern Horsemanship courses are broken into 10 levels of easily digestible content that participants can work through at their own pace. 


One- or two-day events tying together natural horsemanship and riding techniques with connection and energy work of the equine partner. Tailored to the audience (competitive equestrians, veterans, corporate teams, etc), learning the foundations of Modern Horsemanship includes the basics of groundwork and how those techniques translate to under-saddle work, a brief introduction to the importance of cross-training, and the sports psychology that connects modern-day equestrians to their equine athletic partners. Available at our ranch or at your location.


Experience firsthand the healing power of horses with an exclusive 3-5 day retreat. These special events focus on the connection between horse and human, getting back to the foundations of energy between beings, intentionality, and reflection. Retreats will include guided meditations, reflections with horses, peaceful trail rides after spending time intentionally connecting with the horses, breath work, crystalline consciousness techniques, and healing on a variety of levels. Horses give you honest, non-judgmental feedback which helps you reclaim your authentic self. They sense your energy and see you for who you are.

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom.”

— Sharon Ralls Lemon