Where Horses and
Humans Connect

Modern Horsemanship

Modern Horsemanship is a multifaceted program that teaches humans to connect with horses in a way that is holistic, healing, and honoring of the past, present, and future. Horses are mirrors to our innermost beings and Modern Horsemanship enables participants to experience the way horses meet people where they are, reflecting what is hidden even from themselves. The program spans several tiers from an online educational video library to in-person clinics and retreats.

The Modern Horsemanship program is designed to give participants as much horse education and training as they are ready for in that moment. Accessible from anywhere in the world, on any device, and with any web browser, we meet you where you are in every aspect.

Online Videos


Online horse training videos are available wherever you have internet access – study at home or take them to the barn. Videos cover the foundations of horsemanship from the very beginning through discipline-specific training and techniques.


Tying together natural horsemanship and riding techniques with connection and energy work of the equine partner. Clinics and workshops are customized for competitive equestrians, small groups, families, veterans, corporate teams, etc.


Experience firsthand the healing power of horses with an exclusive 3-5 day retreat. These special events focus on the connection between horse and human, getting back to the foundations of energy between beings, intentionality, and reflection.

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